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Chad Morris grew up wanting to become a professional basketball player or a rock star. (Inspired by Animal from the Muppets, he’s been banging on drums since he was eight years old.) After high school, he wrote and performed sketch comedy while going to college, and eventually he became a teacher and a curriculum writer. He lives in Utah with his wife and five kids. Chad would love to teach at Cragbridge Hall.

Unlike Oscar Cragbridge, however, he hasn’t really invented anything, though his son once sketched out blueprints for a machine that would turn celery into cookies.


To those who read Cragbridge:

Cragbridge Hall, the Inventor’s Secret is my debut novel. I’m thrilled that so many people have liked it so far. Brandon Mull—–#1 New York Times bestselling author of the Fablehaven and Beyonders series had this to say: “Cragbridge Hall keeps the pages turning with inventive gadgets, mystery, humor, and danger. Author Chad Morris offers a fantastical futuristic read that should engage kids and families.”

Let me tell you a little about the book. I got the idea for Cragbridge Hall: The Inventor’s Secret while sitting in an auditorium of several thousand people listening to David McCullough, the famous historian. I know—probably not where you’d think ideas for kids fiction would pop up. It surprised me too. I found myself thinking, what would be the absolute coolest way to for kids to learn history?  Answer: For them to see it, almost experience it! Have a pirate ship sail through front wall of their class. See armies rushing each other from two sides of the room. Hear from Lincoln himself. And if there were some crazy invention that could let them see history, then what would English class be like? And gym? I felt a world forming. My fiction and non-fiction loving mind was off to the races. Sorry Mr. McCullough, I kind of zoned out there for a little while.

Once the world started coming together, I had another idea: What if there was more to one of the inventions than anyone knew? What if the inventor had a secret?

When I sat down to write, all different angles of my personality got excited. This was high-concept, fast-paced, fiction fun, with references to real non-fiction people and places, and a lot my comedy writing background thrown in. The whole thing snowballed into a story I love.

But of course, I like it. I wrote it. I’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to drop me a line on a Contact Me form.  I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you are interested in inviting me to come to your school for a free assembly, please send a message to my publisher at CragbridgeHall.com

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and my book!
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Chad Morris

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  Fans of fantasy and adventure are sure to love this book just as much as I did. Download or buy a copy (preferably from a brick-and-mortar store) in March – you won’t regret it! The book is also a clever history lesson. Morris does a great job of describing the historic events as Abby and Derick review them, making it feel as if the reader is right beside them as they watch history. (Cragbridge Hall)
Liz Sidley